Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Baptismal Day Celebration

Today is Bean's Baptismal Day!

Seven years ago today she became a child of God.

We think becoming a child of God is a pretty big deal. So today, we celebrated.

For the fancy, super-holy way to celebrate a baptismal day check out this excerpt from Maria Augusta Trapp's book Around the Year with the Trapp Family at Catholicculture.org. She's the Maria portrayed in The Sound of Music. Where were the kid's Baptismal Day celebrations in that movie?

While it would have been awesome to visit the church where Bean was baptized, it's nine hours away. So we had to settle for a hike with her Grandma and Godmother.

Then for dessert we lit her baptismal candle, ate cake, talked about why today is so special, and said a special prayer of blessing for our little Bean! Do you know when your Baptismal Day is?

Be saints, it's worth it! Lisa