Classically Catholic Memory

"Classically Catholic Memory... A Catholic homeschool memory work program, classical in nature, that guides parents and children in mastering challenging and inspiring material in eight subjects: Religion, Latin, History, Science, Math, Timeline, Geography, and Great Words."

For the past two years we have been using a memory work program as a supplement to our core studies and the backbone of our non-core studies. I've found it to be a great way to challenge my kids, as well as give us some structure for things like science and history.

To keep track of all of our plans I'm posting each weeks' lessons right here on the blog. So far I have covered Gamma year and we are currently working on Delta, then we'll do Alpha and Beta. Ambitious, I know, but I am 25% of the way there! Here's a rundown of Our Schedule for Classically Catholic Memory.

If you are doing a year I haven't covered yet, you can still find lots of ideas for memory work and for components that do not change each year (like timeline and skip counting).

Gamma Year

Gamma Year: Week 1       Gamma Year: Week 2       Gamma Year: Week 3       Gamma Year: Week 4

Gamma Year: Week 5       Gamma Year: Week 6       Gamma Year: Week 7       Gamma Year: Week 8

Gamma Year: Week 9       Gamma Year: Week 10     Gamma Year: Week 11     Gamma Year: Week 12

Gamma Year: Week 13    Gamma Year: Week 14     Gamma Year: Week 15     Gamma Year: Week 16

Gamma Year: Week 17    Gamma Year: Week 18

Delta Year

Delta Year: Week 1          Delta Year: Week 2          Delta Year: Week 3           Delta Year: Week 4

While we are continuing to use components of CCM in our homeschool curriculum, I am no longer blogging about it. Thank you for understanding!