Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Last Two Weeks Have Changed Everything

Friends, it's time for a heart to heart.

Over these past few weeks I have been processing a lot of life.

First semester was off to a rocky start in our home as I tried to figure out how to homeschool with a mobile little person who likes to mess with my stuff. (Picture removing all of the letter tiles from my perfectly organized white board, tearing pages out of my teachers manuals, and trying to eat my science experiments... she's not destructobaby, she's just a baby.) What used to be a solid, 3 hour homeschool day with 2 hours of mommy time during everyone's afternoon rest turned into a drawn out 5 hour homeschool day that took up a 7 hour timespan, with no 2 hour afternoon rest... because that gets eaten up with laundry, phone calls, dishes, etc.

As I've been praying about/processing through/weighing options on exactly what changes need to be made, two significant events have happened.

1. I attended an incredibly intense retreat.
2. I attended an incredibly clarifying conference.

Both of these events have taken place within the past few weeks and I was waiting for them to come and go before making any final decisions on what exactly God is asking of me.

Here's the bottom line. My life is too full. Way. Too. Full.

So, it is with sadness that I say, my days of blogging at Catholic Missionary Family are soon coming to an end.

I have enjoyed sharing my family's adventures, curriculum plans, liturgical celebrations, and missionary life here on the blog, but it is time to bring this chapter to a close. I plan on cleaning up the blog and making it a resource site, so you will still be able to access the homeschool plans and liturgical resources that I have already posted. (I'll be referring to them as well. :)

Part of this decision also has to do with the influx of requests that I have been receiving for speaking engagements, interviews, product reviews, etc. I never dreamed that God would take a talk that I gave for a $35.00 thank you card 5 years ago and turn it into a flourishing ministry. Being a Catholic speaker was never my plan and each time I thought that God would stop opening doors for me to speak, He did the opposite and flung them open even faster. (Please pray for 3 major projects that are currently in the works... one is an upcoming talk that I'm giving to 5,000 women at SEEK, and I wish I could share the other two, but it's not time yet!)

I still have a few more posts that I want to get up, so stick around for those! My plan is to completely step away from the blog at the end of this year and transition to using my "free time" for speaking. You can keep up with me at the focus blog where I will continue to write and if I can ever be of service as a speaker, please contact me through my speaker page! (I speaking on all things dating, marriage, motherhood, and femininity.)

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Your comments, emails, and affirmations have meant so much to me. Blessings to you!

Be saints, it's worth it!