Monday, December 8, 2014


Welcome! I'm are glad you've found my little corner of the web.

I am no longer blogging here, but I have left this site up for resources.

Here are some things you will find:

At the Living the Liturgical Year tab you will find hundreds of links for celebrating the Catholic year in your home. Crafts, activities, prayers, food, books... it's all organized there for dozens of feast days and for each liturgical season.

At the Wooden Saint Dolls tab you will find 60+ example dolls, how to paint them, a cathedral tutorial, and how to do an exchange.

At the Classically Catholic Memory tab you will find lesson plans for using the program's Gamma Year and the first four weeks of Delta Year.

At the Journey Across American tab you will find crafts, books, and recipes for learning about 25 of the 50 states.

So why did I stop blogging? The short answer is, because I'm not superwoman. I had to choose between continuing to blog here or losing my mind. I chose sanity.

I'm still blogging at, speaking nationally at Catholic events, and working on video projects. (The latest is a marriage series, check out the promo... it's going to be amazing!) You can invite me to an event through my speaker page,

To those of you who have followed along for the past several years, thank you for you comments, encouragement, and friendships. Please keep in touch! The Cotters

Be saints, it's worth it!