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Ideas for Classically Catholic Memory: Gamma Year: Week 12

Classically Catholic Memory: Gamma Year: Week 12
I'm blogging my way through our four year curriculum program so I don't forget everything that worked for us! Please feel free to use what works for your family and share in the comments anything you would add. For more on Classically Catholic Memory go here.

This week's bible verse focused on the primacy of Peter, so I read St. Peter the Apostle to the kids while they wrote out the bible verse. Head to Worksheet Works to make you own printing worksheet.

We are learning the Anima Christi by listening to a few different versions on youtube.


Lesson 1:
History this week focuses on the Declaration of Independence, so we made our own by following instructions from DLTK-Kids. The kids enjoyed both tearing the paper and pouring coffee on it.

Lesson 2:
We've spent the last two CCM weeks learning about colonial times via a unit study based on American Girl's Felicity. It was a blast, but I'm glad we have a few CCM weeks until we start studying Caroline with the War of 1812 during week 18!


Lesson 1
Science was all about magnets this week. I had Bean read The Magic School Bus's Amazing Magnetism and we did activities 1 and 3 from the Teacher Text. Here are the supplies:

After that I just let the kids play with magnets for quite some time. Magnets are always cool.

And when they got bored with that we watched a Bill Nye episode on Magnetism.

Lesson 2
So the Teacher Text gave detailed instructions for several activities (mainly 5 and 6) that required me to become a science hunter and gatherer, so I decided instead to just buy a Snap Circuits kit on Electromagnetism. It was $17, but I think I would have spent more in gas and individual items if I went the hunter/gather route.

We followed the instructions the kit gave to do four different projects that all helped explain the connection between electricity and magnetism. The kids really enjoyed the little kit and were able to do everything on their own. Warning: Batteries not included.


Lesson 1
The math memory work for this week was on the perimeter of a polygon, so to start we did a lesson on what exactly is a polygon? To do this we used two worksheets, one on identifying polygons and the other on regular vs irregular polygons.

Then we played a few polygon games online: Game 1 and Game 2.

Lesson 2
After understanding what a polygon is we learned how to find its perimeter. I had the kids find polygons around the house and we measured them out and added them up.

After that we did a few more worksheets in which we put the formula into practice: Worksheet 1 and Worksheet 2.


Lesson 1
I'm on a roll with fill in the blank games for timeline, so I figured I'd keep going. This week: A timeline crossword puzzle. Make your own at Worksheet Works!

Lesson 2
Our timeline book was once again filled with eight new pictures representing this week's cards.

After several weeks of US states and capitols we've finally moved on to the lowest third of North America. To study Mexico we read P is for Pinata and for the Central American countries we read selections from The Kingfisher Student Atlas of North America. I wasn't crazy about this atlas because they lumped several countries together instead of giving them each their own page, but it was the best that I could find without getting a 60 page book on each individual country.

Great Words I
We continued memorizing "Pocahontas" by Rosemary Carr Benet this week.

I don't know of any picture books of the actual poem, but as you memorize it you could do several things to learn about Pocahontas. Check out a book on her, watch the Disney movie (maybe, I don't know if it's any good, I've never seen it), or check out this Pinterest board for snack and craft ideas.

Be saints, it's worth it!


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