Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Catholic Easter Baskets for our Kids

I finished putting together the kids' Easter baskets today and thought I'd share their contents here on the blog. In the past I've checked around the web for ideas and always find these kinds of post helpful for ideas, so I hope you do to!

Rather than fill their baskets with just candy, I always try to incorporate some religious and spring items as well. And I try to shop ahead to get some deals while I'm at it. Below are the results!

Bean's Basket - Age 7

Pal's Basket - Age 5
  • Candy
    • Russell Stover Chocolate Cross - Target
    • Lindt Lamb (for the Lamb of God) - Target (on sale)
  • Book: Book 19 from the Treasure Box Series (I bought all 20 in a boxed set several years ago and have been giving them to the kids one at a time for their feast days, Easter, and Christmas... I'll only have one left after this!)
  • Crafts
    • Egg Shaped Chalk - Target (after Easter sale last year)
    • Spring Foam Stickers - Target (after Easter sale last year - kind of girly, but he like stickers and it was the least girly of my options)
  • Other

Peanut - Age 6 Months

  • Candy: Lindt Lamb (for the Lamb of God) - Target (on sale - they come in packs of 5, I can eat it for her)
  • Book: God Loves Us All (consignment sale find - she can't read, but that's okay, I needed to beef up the basket and didn't feel like buying a board book when she has tons)
  • Toy: My First Rosary (again, from Spiritus Distribution with our missionary discount!)
  • Clothes: Baby Leggings (I did a deal awhile back where I got five leggings for the price of shipping, so they are going in the basket!)
I hope you are having fun getting your kids' baskets prepared!

Be saints, it's worth it!


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