Saturday, October 2, 2010

Feast of the Guardian Angels

Another day, another feast day! This is a crazy run of fun days for celebrating. For today's Feast of the Guardian Angels I took an idea from one of my favorite Catholic sites, Catholic Icing. She came up with these edible angels on her own... I was impressed. Basically you use frosting to "glue" together a cherio halo, oyster cracker face, bugle body and pretzel wings and praying hands. We had a great time making them this morning for a potluck dinner we went to with some friends tonight... they were impressed. 

Angels consulting about heavenly matters

Our choir of angels

We also pulled out our
Treasure Box books again today to read about the adventures of Wupsy, a guardian angel who is in charge of a little boy in Africa. Finally, we prayed the Angel of God prayer before bed to close out another great day of celebrating!
Wupsy, the guardian angel in action.
For All Saints Day last year Bean wanted
to be Wupsy the guardian angel, that was easy!


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