Friday, October 1, 2010

The Feast of St. Therese of Lisieux

Our flower cake

There are many perks to being a Catholic missionary, one is not having to work on special feast days! The Feast of St. Therese of Lisieux is one of those days for us because St. Therese, who is the patroness of missionaries, is also the patroness of FOCUS.

Today's Feast of St. Therese was even more meaningful to us  this year because in May we had the incredible opportunity of going to Lisieux, France. After reading so much about St. Therese and spending time meditating on her "little way" it was very moving to be in the actual places of the stories I know so well. We visited her childhood home and sat in the room where she was miraculously healed, I cried the whole way through the house. We also went to the Carmelite convent where she spent her years as a religious sister and prayed at her grave, as well as to her beautiful Basilica where her parents Bl. Louis and Bl. Zelie rest. I am so grateful for that experience and feel the prayers of St. Therese for our missionary family stronger than ever.
The Basilica
St. Therese's childhood home
Her grave at Carmel
Because Kevin had the day off today we slept in and then made rose colored pancakes and Kevin, the pancake master, made mine in the shape of roses. We also made a flower cake using silicon cupcake molds and read a bunch of St. Therese stories from our Treasure Box books. We just love these 1950's books that are filled with Catholic stories, games and activities. We bought all 20 at once and have been slowly giving them to Bean on special occasions.

These gems were written by the
MaryKnoll sisters in the 1950s

Some pages from a story about little
St. Therese


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