Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Easter!

He is risen, Alleluia! We have been having too much fun eating candy, watching movies and playing to blog lately. While Easter Sunday was a few days ago, today is Easter Wednesday, so technically my greetings are right on time. Here are some shots of the big morning after a beautiful 7:00 am Mass:

Everything was ready on the bay window for when the kids woke up, a long standing tradition in our home. Yep, all 2 years we've been living here.

Bean checking out her new "Jesus movie".

Pal got a jet basket from Grammy and Pop-pop. He looks pretty sweet in those aviators.

Bean's was a dress-up basket. Anything pink and sparkly still makes this future astronaut and dinosaur expert happy.

Of course we searched for eggs. This year I filled some of them with little fuzzy chicks (you can see some of them lined up on the bay window in the first picture), which the kids were more excited about than the candy. They thought is was hilarious!

Next came brunch, the decorations turned out nice!

We filled our chocolate crown of thorns with eggs to turn it into a nest. It's already gone.

And a quick shot of brunch. Yum, really yum.

But the party hasn't stopped there, as we celebrate the whole Octave. The first time I did this was during  the semester I took off in college to do mission work in Argentina. I was living in an orphanage with the Servidoras who have "Pasquetta" (little Easter) parties each night. They were fantastically fun and filled with dancing, sweets and skits. 

We've had friends over for dessert, we've watched Easter movies, like Veggies Tales An Easter Carol, we've made resurrection rolls, we've eaten at Chick-fil-a, we've played with our Resurrection Eggs, we've had numerous Easter egg hunts by re-hiding our eggs over and over... and we're only half way there!

I hope you are enjoying Easter as much as we are!


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