Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Feast of St. Clare

Today, the Feast of St. Clare, is Bean's Feast Day!

We started the day with Kevin's famous St. Clare pancakes.

There are a few chocolate chips smeared on the pancakes. Chocolate chips are essential to pancakes. And Kevin is truly handy with the pancake pen. Here we have a monstrance, San Damiano, and St. Clare holding a monstrance.

It was a free day at our local science museum, so we took full advantage of it and used it as our special event for our special day!

For dinner I made Bean's favorite meal, chicken pot pie. This one was easy to St. Clare-ify by turning the crust into a monstrance.

St. Clare is pictured with a monstrance because when her convent was being attacked she held up a monstrance and the light shining from it was so bright the army dropped their weapons and fled.

We didn't pull off a craft this year, but Catholic Icing has tons of monstrance ideas if you are looking for one. Oh, and I can't forget, we listened to our St. Clare Glory Story. The older the kids get, the more they like these. They are well worth the investment!! We also love our Clare and Francis picture book if you want to go the non-audio route.

Be saints, it's worth it! Lisa


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