Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Journey Across America: Massachusetts

This post is part of a 50 state Journey Across America. For information on the basics of this project check out this post.

Q: Which state needed a handkerchief?
A: Mass-a-choo-setts!
(Sorry, I couldn't help it. One time 4 year old Bean did state jokes for over 200 missionaries at the New Staff Training talent show. The amount of cuteness that oozed out of her performance was unbelievable.)

The Books:
We began by reading M is for Mayflower and then Bean used the information she learned to make a notebook page for her United States scrapbook.

I just loved all of our Massachusetts books this week, and so will you. First, there is Johnny Appleseed by Steven Kellogg. John Chapman, aka "Johnny Appleseed", was born in Leominster, MA.  I remember reading this as a kid.

Next, Make Way for Ducklings is another great classic that you can find tons of ideas and resources for, partially because it is a Five in a Row book. Delightful Learning has a whole host of ideas that you can sift through and you can also check out this board on Pinterest. Additionally, we used this google map to track the actual path of Mr. and Mrs. Mallard.

And of course I had to have Bean read Little Women! I gave her the Classic Starts version, but I would have loved to read the unabridged version out loud.

Finally, not pictured is Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's Paul Reever's Ride, which is another Five in a Row book that has idea boards on Pinterest! And you can study the pilgrims by reading Who's that Stepping on Plymouth Rock and The Thanksgiving Story.

Wait, finally again,we also taught the kids about Massachusetts using the Our United States of America: Catholic Social Studies textbook.

The Food:
Yumm, Mini Boston Cream Pies. I love it when our state food is a dessert. This recipe from Just a Pinch was just right for us.

The Craft:
We made a Mayflower ship for our Massachusetts craft. Here it is landing on Plymouth Rock.

I had the kids paint some packing paper brown, then we wrapped it around a shoebox with a lid glued inside the middle to hold up the skewers for the sails.

For a history lesson we made Pilgrim finger puppets to board the Mayflower and I plan on pulling this replica out with the Thanksgiving decorations this year.

Next stop on our Journey is Maryland!

Be saints, it's worth it!


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