Wednesday, November 20, 2013

5 Ideas for Celebrating Advent with your Kids

Jesse Tree

The Jesse Tree is an easy way to help prepare your kids for the coming of Christ by walking them through Salvation History one story at a time. Each day you add a new ornament to your tree making for a beautiful reminder of God's faithfulness.
Other Ideas:

Advent Calendar

Every child loves to countdown the days until Christmas... wait everybody loves to countdown the days until Christmas. Each year we pick something different to fill our pocket calendar to make this tradition extra fun. We've done chocolates, puzzles pieces, mini ornaments for a mini tree, and this year we are doing a Lego Advent calendar (see below).
Other Ideas:

Sacrifice Manger

Advent used to be a time of penance like Lent. While the Church doesn't give us specific ways of fasting and preparing today, it does call us to do something to prepare to welcome our Lord. For the past several years we have made a manger for baby Jesus and as the kids offer special prayers, sacrifices, or good deeds, they add a piece of hay to the manger. The hope is to make a nice soft bed for Him by Christmas.
Other Ideas:
Advent Wreath
This is probably the most known and loved Advent tradition. I've never posted on our Advent wreath, but of course we use one!

Other Ideas:
Advent Books
Last year we began the tradition of unwrapping and reading one Advent book a night. I get all of the books from the library and wrap them up in pink and purple paper. We loved this tradition and plan on doing it again. I will post our list for this year when I compile it but you can check out other bloggers lists now!

Other Ideas:

Other ideas:
Be saints, it's worth it!


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