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Ideas for Classically Catholic Memory: Delta Year: Week 3

Classically Catholic Memory: Delta Year: Week 3
I'm blogging my way through our four year curriculum program so I don't forget everything that worked for us! Please feel free to use what works for your family and share in the comments anything you would add. For more on Classically Catholic Memory go here.

As our memory work continues to revolve around the sacraments, we continue to work on our Sacraments books with the addition of Holy Orders and Matrimony.

Lesson 1:
For Holy Orders we used another free printout from Look to Him and Be Radiant. Everything you need is right at that link with the exception to the bishop miter. You can follow my directions for making a miter here! (Just cut the dimensions in half so it will fit in your book.)

Don't forget to download the answers for the inside of the Holy Orders flap :).

While the kids worked I taught them about the Holy Orders from The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism (No.1) - Lesson 34 (pgs 163-166) and then they listened to two kid's sermons on vocations from Angel Food: The Tablet without a Name and How to be a Cowboy.

Lesson 2:
For Matrimony I used another free print out from Look to Him and be Radiant (she's so awesome!), had the kids color a picture of a couple getting married (page 3 on the link) from Bible Kids, and made a craft from Catholic Inspired. For the craft (left side) I let the kids pick how many kids they wanted. They both picked all 12. Bean wanted one boy and 11 girls, while Pal split them evenly with six boys and six girls.

And of course, while they worked we read about Matrimony from The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism (No.1) - Lesson 35 (pgs 167-169).

Over the next few weeks we will be memorizing O Salutaris Hostia. The kids will be learning it from the Delta year CD, this youtube, and this youtube by my CCM friend's talented husband!


Lesson 1:
This week's history sentence focuses on the south's history with Mexico, so we completed a quick unit on Josefina. I'll link to the plans once I post them.

Lesson 2:
We also learned about the California Gold Rush by reading Gold Fever! and Striking it Rich to the kids. This would have been an awesome week to go panning for gold, but we've done it enough in the past, so I didn't make it a priority, but you should!


Lesson 1:
It was all things xylem and phloem this week for science, which course called for some classic experiments!

First we let some celery soak in blue dye so we could identify xylem tissue.

Then we created a rainbow of dyes for some white carnations to soak up.

Didn't they turn out lovely?

Here is the trick: Call a florist about a week ahead of when you will need your carnations. Ask them when they will receive their next shipment of carnations and see if they will leave a bunch dry packed for you to pick up on the morning that the shipment arrives.

Basically, when flowers arrive they are dehydrated from being dry packed and when a florist puts them in water they soak up a ton of H2O in about 30 minutes to rehydrate. So if you can get them dry packed, they'll soak up all of your dyed water, which will give you some pretty dramatic results in about 24 hours.

Of course I used the CCM Teachers Text to explain what all of the above means, and then we finished off the lesson by adding a new booklet (I used page 4 of this link to create it) to our botany books with this week's science question, and then we watched some segments from Rock N' Learns Life Science DVD (here's the part on xylem and phloem... the song is a bit unfortunate in my opinion), and then... just kidding, that was all.

Lesson 2:
Our second lesson was simply simple.

We talked about tree rings and bark...

and then the kids did some Magic Treehouse style sketching in their botany books.

I didn't come up with anything new for learning the multiples of 5 this week, so check out my post on 20+ games for teaching the multiples for some inspiration!


Lesson 1:
You can also pick your favorite timeline game from my archives!

Lesson 2:
We pulled out our Timeline Book from last year and I had the kids find this weeks cards in the book.

And if you are a timeline actions kind of family, you can find actions for each of the cards on my friend Virginia's youtube channel.

Delta year geography begins with the memorization of South American countries and features. This week we located Brazil and several rivers, including the Amazon. Here are some books that we read: The Amazon River, Afternoon on the Amazon, and A True Book: Brazil.

We also began watching Wild South America, which is free with our Amazon Prime membership. (Have I ever mentioned that I DON'T get commission if you link through and buy something I recommend? It's illegal in my state. Just wanted you to know... not that there is anything wrong with Amazon Affiliates.) Episode 2 is dedicated to the Amazon River, and is quite fascinating!

Great Words I
We began memorizing The Turtle by Vachel Lindsay this week. It's a pretty simple poem and I think the kids already memorized the whole thing. Check out youtube 1 and youtube 2 to watch it and you can find it in Playtime Rhymes (with cute hand motions!) and A Children's Treasury of Poems.

Be saints, it's worth it!


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