Monday, October 20, 2014

Ideas for Classically Catholic Memory Delta Year: Week 4

Classically Catholic Memory: Delta Year: Week 4
I'm blogging my way through our four year curriculum program so I don't forget everything that worked for us! Please feel free to use what works for your family and share in the comments anything you would add. For more on Classically Catholic Memory go here.


Lesson 1:
This week we finished our Sacraments books! Memory work for the next several weeks focuses on the Eucharist, so we went back and added Holy Eucharist in between Confirmation and Penance to finish the project off.

For the printouts I used this free printout from Catholic Toolbox for the host and chalice and used this priest for the altar from Catholic Inspired. Finally, I copied a section from the bible on the institution of the Eucharist for above the altar.

*Last year Bean made her First Communion and we did a lot of Eucharist crafts, activities, and audio stories for her preparations. You can check out our plans at my First Communion Preparation Plans post for even more ideas for teaching the Eucharist.

Lesson 2:
The kids watched Br. Francis' The Bread of Life to finish up our review of Holy Eucharist.

We concluded our memorization of O Salutaris Hostia this week. The kids learned it from the Delta year CD, this youtube, and this youtube by my CCM friend's talented husband!

History this week consisted of reading a few books... and that was it. After doing two back to back weeks of American Girl units, we needed a slow week in history!


Lesson 1:
In science this week we looked at the three types of vascular plants. I gave the kids a brief lesson on what they are and then we went on a nature hike to find and sketch them.

Lesson 2:
Here are the supplies we used for our second lesson.

I read the kids Ferns and we looked at the sections on gymnosperms and angiosperms in Plant. Then we watched a quick youtube on the topic and added a mini-book to our botany books using page 1 from this set of templates from Homeschool Share.


Lesson 1:
The kids filled out this free worksheet on counting nickels to practice the multiples of 5.

Lesson 2:
You can find more ideas at my 20+ games for teaching the multiples post!


Lesson 1:
You can also pick your favorite timeline game from my archives!

Lesson 2:
We pulled out our Timeline Book from last year and I had the kids find this weeks cards in the book.

And if you are a timeline actions kind of family, you can find actions for each of the cards on my friend Virginia's youtube channel.


Lesson 1:
Rather than read individual books on every country in South America, I grabbed a copy of National Geographic Kids' Ultimate Globetrotting World Atlas and had the kids read about the countries we are learning this week from there. I borrowed it from the library, but I think I'll order a copy soon we will be using this book for several weeks.

Lesson 2:
And we watched another episode from Wild South America, which is free with our Amazon Prime membership.

Great Words I
We finished The Turtle by Vachel Lindsay this week. Check out youtube 1 and youtube 2 to watch it and you can find it in Playtime Rhymes (with cute hand motions!) and A Children's Treasury of Poems.

Be saints, it's worth it!


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