Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Catholic Christmas Gifts - Family Board Game Pieces

Honey, I shrunk the kids...

Admit it, these are cute.

Family board game pieces are simple to make and they are super fun. Pair them with a new board game to play them on and you have a great gift. While they are not really a Catholic gift, they do promote family fun, so I'm including them in the list of Catholic Christmas gifts.

Step 1: Cut out pictures of each individual you want to make a game piece for. You may need to print the pictures in different sizes so you don't end up with a giant among regular sized people. This picture was cut out from a wallet sized photo.

Step 2: Cover the picture on both sides with clear packing tape. You could use a laminator here too, but I don't have one of those.

Step 3: Cut out your picture from the packing tape.

Step 4: Put your players on stands. Believe it or not you can buy them online!

Seriously, still cute. My kids get such a kick out of these! The game they are playing is Little Angels and the Fruit of the Spirit Board Game, it's played like Candy Land and teaches the Fruits. Some of our other favorite Christian kids games are Noah's Rainbow Race and Bible Land Adventure Game. Or you can pick one of your own!

I think this post deserved a high 5.


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