Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pilgrim and Indian "Hats"

Last night around 9:00 pm I was feeling crafty, so I made some pilgrim and indian hats for the FOCUS Thanksgiving potluck today! I of course forgot my camera, so just imagine adults and kids wearing these while eating turkey and mashed potatoes.

When I was a hall director at Benedictine we made hundreds of these for the school cafeteria's Thanksgiving dinner, so the idea was already in my head. These are almost too simple to give instructions for, but I figured out some tricks so I'll pass them on. Be sure to make some for you Thanksgiving festivities!


Step 1: Cut a piece of brown construction paper into 8 strips.

Step 2: Cut feathers out of red, yellow and orange construction paper. I folded the paper so I could cut out 4 at a time.

Step 3: Glue 3 feathers in the middle of a brown strip.

Step 4: Add another strip to the strip with feathers. Now you are ready to loop it on a festive Thanksgiving guest!


Step 1: Cut a piece of black construction paper into 8 strips, just like shown above with brown.

Step 2: Cut a piece of black construction paper in to 4 hats. Look at that, you don't waste any of the paper!

Step 3: Cut out buckles from white paper. I just fold them and cut out the middle.

Step 4: Glue a strip to the back of the hat. I glued them just on the edge of the strip so the hat's "brim" pops out.

Step 5: Glue  on the buckle and another strip to the first strip so it is long enough to wrap around a head.


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