Saturday, November 6, 2010

Turkey Napkin Ring Holders

This is my band of wild turkeys. I will attempt to tame them by Thanksgiving and then slide a napkin through them and turn them into adorable table decor. They should just be glad they won't be eaten.

If you would like to build your own rafter of wild turkeys (Did I sound like a nature buff knowing what to call a group of turkeys? I wikied it.), instructions are below.

For this project you will need:

  • Yellow, brown, red and orange stiff felt
  • Fabric scissors
  • Tacky glue
  • 7mm google eyes
  • Shape patterns
  • Straight pins
  • Paper clips (not pictured)

Things you don't need:

  • Needle and brown thread (pictured, but I changed my mind and just glued them, which worked)
  • An adorable 4 year old to assist you... although it helps

Step 1: Use the patterns to cut out the felt shapes. You can fit 8 feathers and 12 brown rings per page, so you may need 2 pages of these colors.

Here are the shapes! For the ring strips, just cut the page hamburger style (yes, there happens to be a wiki answer for this too) and then divide each half into 6 strips.

Step 2: Glue the little feet on the bottom of the strips. Here is where the adorable 4 year old starts to come in handy.

3. Wrap the strips around to make a circle, glue and then hold in place with a paperclip until dry.

4. Assemble turkey faces. The adorable 4 year old was the google eye expert, only about 5 of 14 were on the wrong side of the head, but we just took them off and tried again.

5. Remove the paperclip once the ring is dry and glue on the feathers and head. Make sure to glue the feathers parallel to the table so your turkey doesn't fall over.

Profile shot...

and the back.

Adapted from: Favecrafts


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