Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Catholic Christmas Gifts - Saints Memory Game

Gift Idea #3 - Saints Memory Game

This idea comes from my creative sister-in-law, the super-fun Aunt Kelly. She made us a set using our family members and I thought it would be fun to also do one with Saints to help introduce the important Saints in our lives. The squares are made out of foam sheets, so they are super sturdy... unless you have a family member who likes to chew on things, in which case you should keep a watchful eye because foam sheets leave really cool teeth marks. Sorry Aunt Kelly, that may or may not have happend to a few of ours...

Our family set.

Here is what you will need to make your own:

2 12x18 inch foam sheets
2 copies of 12 Saints in 2 1/4 inch squares on card stock
Clear packaging tape
Elmer's glue
Rotary cutter and mat (optional, but useful in making straight cuts)

Cut each foam sheet into 24, 3 inch squares, making 48 total. You will use every inch of the foam.

Cut a 2 inch paper square to create a pattern for the frame.

Cut half (24) of the squares into frames. I used the rotary cutter to start the first side and then regular scissors to finish the box, it made for a fairly clean square. You could also use an exacto knife, but I am not the proud owner of one such product. 

Cover the pictures with clear packaging tape to "laminate" them.

Cut out all of the pictures.

Glue a laminated picture to the middle of a whole square.

Glue the frame on top of the whole square.

Repeat until all squares are complete.


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