Friday, December 3, 2010

Trendy Cake Balls

Have you heard of "cake balls"? A few months ago I was introduced to this new trend in the baking world at a women's night and was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to test them out. That opportunity finally came today for a cookie exchange that I am going to tonight.

Anything covered in almond bark tastes good to me, but check our the middle of these balls of deliciousness....

Yummy, very yummy. A glass of milk with these goodies is hardly optional.

I did some research on cake balls and found that they are quite the tend in the baking world. Paula Dean has a version of them, but really you can't have your own version of the treat because the ingredients are:

1 box of cake mix
1 tub of frosting
20 oz of almond bark

However, what I like about this link is their list of different combinations that work well.

The balls were very simple to make, but they took me a bit of time to finish. I'm sure that doing a double batch myself attributed to the time factor, but if you had some helpers and did just one type it wouldn't seem too tedious. Ready for the directions...

Before you begin you'll need to pick a combination. For my test run I made chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting covered in white chocolate and strawberry cake with strawberry icing covered in milk chocolate.

Step 1: Bake a cake according to the directions on the box.

Step 2: Destroy the cake. This is not a joke people. Let your inspiration be a baby on his 1st birthday, tear it apart.

Step 3: Throw the crumbled cake into a mixer with your chosen tub of frosting.

Step 4: Mix well.

Step 5: Cover and refrigerate for 3 hours or overnight.

Step 6: Roll the mix into balls. You'll want to move quickly here because if the mix cools it gets super sticky. You may need to leave half the mix in the fridge and work on one half at a time.

Step 7: Put the balls in the freezer of 1 hour.

Step 8: Melt the almond bark according the directions on the package. Then pick up each ball with a toothpick and coat them with the almond bark. You can use another toothpick to remove the first toothpick as you put it on a baking sheet to harden. If the balls get too soft put them back in the freezer and if the almond bark starts too cool put it back in the microwave for 15 seconds.

Once the almond bark has hardend these are like chocolate covered strawberries minus any nutritional value, oh so good.

Pal wants to know if you would like one.


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