Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Season - Jesus' Birthday Cake and more

It's a really good thing the liturgical season of Christmas lasts so long because we finally ran low enough on cookies and candies to make a birthday cake for Jesus. It's actually pretty typical for our family birthday celebrations to turn into week long extravaganzas by the time we celebrate with extended family and friends, so really this is par for the course.

Inspired by Ace of Cakes (I've never really watched that show... we don't have cable, I just hear it's really cool) I designed this super fancy stable cake. Don't laugh...

What I really dreamed of making was this...

but fondant creeps me out.

Instead I went to my typical baking buddy...

That's right, all you'll need it a box of cake mix, chocolate and white frosting and yellow dye.

The pattern for the cake looks like this. On the left is how the cake would look if it was in one piece and on the right is how you assemble the star.

I often use the sheets as a stencil for cutting out the cake.

When working with smaller pieces I use toothpicks to hold them together. Just don't forget to take them out when serving.

Do the white and yellow frosting first.

Then add your chocolate including the manger. After I finished the manger I was frosted out, so I just put a plastic Jesus in it and skipped writing Happy Birthday above, I think we all knew who the cake was for. I'm also know to spray my finger with non-stick spray to make it sticky proof so I can smooth out difficult spots. And that ladies and gentlemen is the extent of my cake knowledge. Perhaps I should watch Ace of Cakes.

We've also watched Really Woolly Friends The Gift of Christmas by Dayspring...

and played with our Nativity felt board. You have to scroll down to get to the product on the link. Is that so 1980's Sunday school or what?

Happy New Year to all. Maybe nobody will read this post because you are all out ringing it in, but I'm too lazy to find a babysitter, so we are in for the night. Maybe I'll celebrate with the east coast in a half hour and call it festive.


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