Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Holy Medal Earrings

Ladies, I am happy to bring to you the latest Catholic trend, fresh from the FOCUS conferences. The on-campus missionaries are the ones who keep me up to date on trendy ways to share your faith with style, so today I'm happy to pass their wisdom on to you.

Presenting, holy medal earrings...

"Where in the world can I get these?", you ask. "They are so cute!" I know, I know, but remember, I didn't invent them... I'm not sure who did. I believe some vendors were selling them at the conferences, but I decided to make my own.

All you need are medals and hooked wire, found in the jewelry making section at any craft store.

I suggest mini-medals, as opposed to the standard sized medals, but you can do whatever you want, they are your ears. One missionary even had the big circle St. Benedict medals, those were awfully stylish too. I bought about 50 mini Miraculous Medals for 3 euros when I was in Rome in college and still have several that I haven't given away. They were blessed by JP II.... it's pretty sweet. If you want me to send you a pair of medals, post a comment and I'll hook you up.

I removed the wire loop on top of the medal so they face out as opposed to the side.

Then I slid them on the loop. Neither of these tasks required any special tools, I just used my hands to pull the metal apart.

Now you too can be the cutest Catholic in your pew. 

(I took that picture myself, with the help of my bathroom mirror, I felt very innovative for a few minutes.)


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