Saturday, February 5, 2011

Creative Date Ideas for St. Valentine's Day

Just a few days ago I put out the 3rd FOCUS Wives' Club Newsletter and I plan on sharing some of the fun articles from it over the next few weeks. To start we did a feature on creative date nights. With St. Valentine's Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to share them!

  • Borrow a DVD from the library that teaches swing or ballroom dancing and clear the living room for some free, and possibly embarrassment-free, dance lessons. There is an easy to follow series by Shawn Trautman that we have enjoyed.

  • Spend some time in your closest city with a one day bus pass. Have fun riding around the town and jump off the bus when something strikes your fancy. When you have finished exploring, hop back on.

  • Head to an art museum with a clip board and pencil. Walk around until you find a work that you both like and see who can draw the best replica. If you can't get out, grab an art book at the library and find your inspiration in there. This is actually more fun if neither of you can draw!

  • Grab a camera with a self-timer and go to a local park. Take as many cheesy "engagement photos" with the timer as you can think of. Kevin and I did this in the famous Garden of Versailles when we were in France.

  • Go to the children's section at your library and each find a favorite book from childhood. Then search for a cozy spot to read them to each other and share why the book was so memorable.

Some of these ideas came from FOCUS on the Family Canada, so check out their full list for more.

Do you have any creative date ideas for Valentine's day?


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