Monday, March 7, 2011

What we're doing for Lent

In case you have been wondering where we've been, we have decided to begin our Lenten sacrifices early... okay it's actually been forced upon us. Sometimes when you have kids they get sick, that's where we've been.

What we are actually doing is one thing from each of the three big types of Lenten penances: prayer, fasting and almsgiving. So without further ado, here is how we are participating in Lent as a family.

1. Prayer - Stations of the Cross Box

I wish I knew who originally came up with this fantastic idea, but I've seen too many versions of this on the web to tell.

This is our stations box. It is filled with 14 symbols, one for each station. As we pray the stations each Friday the kids will pull out each symbol as we go. I'm hoping this interactive way of praying together will help keep their attention. For ideas on what to use for each station check out Catholic Icings round up of boxes... because I didn't picture all of the symbols... because I'm still gathering them.

I grabbed my wooden box at Michael's and painted it purple. Of course I used a 40% off one item coupon. If I ever hear that you purchase something at Michael's for over $1.00 without using a 40% of coupon I will be thoroughly disappointed.

2. Fasting - Crown of Thorns

Throughout Lent the kids will be pulling thorns from our crown of thorns each time they make a sacrifice such as sharing, letting others go first or skipping a treat. The hope is to remove all the thorns before Easter so Jesus has just a crown!

The wreath hails form The Dollar Store and we painted it brown and stuck some toothpicks in it. A happy alternative to making the salt and dough crown that we have in made it the past, because this version will last for years as opposed to making a new one each year.

3. Almsgiving - Purple Piggy Bank

Each time the kids do an extra chore throughout Lent they can earn a quarter for the purple piggy. At the end of Lent we will go to the grocery store to buy food with their money to give to our church's food bank.

The piggy is from The Dollar Store too, right next to the ugly statues of chubby puppies and Precious Moments knockoffs. Sorry if I just offended you.

Also we have signed up for Holy Heros Lenten Adventures. Not really sure what to expect, but it's free, so if things go really bad I can just unsubscribe.

I hope your preparations are going well, we are so excited for Mardi Gras tomorrow!


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