Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Good Shepherd's Garden Party: Week 3

Inspired by Jessica and Charlotte we have an Easter tradition in our home of celebrating the entire Easter season with the Garden of the Good Shepherd. The program consists of a daily prayer time in which you add a scripture inspired sticker to your garden. By the end of Easter season your scene is filled with reminders of Jesus, the good shepherd, and heaven.

This is our 3rd year having a weekly garden party at the end of each themed week. For dinner on Saturday we incorporate each sticker into our meal and talk about what we've learned from our nightly prayer time. It's a favorite tradition in our home and one that keeps the season of Easter alive.

Week 3: The Heavens Tell God's Glory!

This week's garden party is a brunch (however, we still had it for dinner). We love brunch at our house and everything came together so nicely for a somewhat coordinated meal, so I went with it.

Day 15: The Sun

Sunny side up eggs for the sun were a great way to start our themed brunch!

Day 16: The Cloud

Dollops of Cool Whip made excellent clouds. We dipped our lightening bolt pancakes and the fruit from our rainbow fruit kabobs into the clouds for extra yumminess. I plopped the mounds of goodness onto waxed paper and then threw them in the freezer so they would harden into individual clouds for each plate. Maybe that was extra work and you could just put the Cool Whip right onto each plate.

Day 17: Rain

For rain we drank Rain Berry Gatorade. Yes, you could just have water, but this is a party.

Day 18: The Lightning

Lightening bolt pancakes. Easy, delicious, and dad making friendly.

Day 19: The Hail

Ice cubes represented the hail. Kid making friendly.

Day 20: The Wind

I needed an easy dessert to round out the meal (because a mound of cool whip and syrup for pancakes wasn't enough sugar already), so I formed windmill cookies out of pre-made pie crust. (One round crust can be divided into 9 squares for 9 cookies.) Bean brushed them with egg whites and then sprinkled them with cinnamon and sugar. Finally, we baked them at 450 for 8 minutes.

Day 21: The Rainbow

The rainbow was represented with rainbow fruit kabobs, which was another Bean creation for our meal!

Next week we are taking it to the seas with my kids' favorite symbol, the Leviathan!

Be saints, it's worth it!


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