Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Good Shepherd's Garden Party: Week 4

Inspired by Jessica and Charlotte we have an Easter tradition in our home of celebrating the entire Easter season with the Garden of the Good Shepherd. The program consists of a daily prayer time in which you add a scripture inspired sticker to your garden. By the end of Easter season your scene is filled with reminders of Jesus, the good shepherd, and heaven.

This is our 3rd year having a weekly garden party at the end of each themed week. For dinner on Saturday we incorporate each sticker into our meal and talk about what we've learned from our nightly prayer time. It's a favorite tradition in our home and one that keeps the season of Easter alive.

Week 4: The Wind and Sea Obey Him

Days 22, 23, and 24: The Boat, the Mast, and the Sail

For our first three symbols we built a sail boat using a hotdog bun for the boat, a pretzel rod for the mast, and a slice of cheese for the sail.

Day 25: The Net

 Mini Nutter Butters were served for dessert and did the trick for our net symbol.

Day 26: The Fishes

I bought a bag of regular (non-cheese) Goldfish crackers for our fish. Yes, the obvious thing to do here would be to serve actual fish, but my kids don't go for fish and...

the kid's turned their mast pretzel rods into fishing poles with peanut butter bait so they could go fishing. Now isn't that more fun than my attempting to mask a fish taste with lemon doused fish? 

Day 27: The Barbecue

Again, barbecuing fish would be the obvious move on this symbol, but we opted for BBQ potato chips.

Day 28: The Leviathan

Finally our Leviathan was represented with an octodog. It's more like a quadodog, but you get the idea. We put our dogs in our buns boats and melted our sail cheese slices on them to bring the meal together. 

Be saints, it's worth it!


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