Wednesday, August 6, 2014

20+ Games and Activities for Teaching the Multiples with Skip Counting

Last year my 2nd grader committed to memory the multiples through 12. Here are 20+ ways that we made it fun!

Multiples of 2: Have your students find, or build, lego pieces based upon the multiples you are learning. (Check out Kids Activities Blog for more details.)

Multiples of 2 and 3: Divide 36 frosted covered cheerios (to make the activity more enticing... if you are really awesome you'll use candy) into groups of three. Then skip count the groups. Next, eat one from each pile and skip count the twos!

Multiples of 3: Using a hundred chart, have your students put markers on the multiples of three. (Download a chart for free at Currclick.)

Multiples of 4: Create a hopscotch board with the multiples, then play hopscotch! Be sure to have the students recite them as they hop along.

Multiples of 4 and 5: This two player game comes from RightStart Math. Mix up cards with the multiples of four and five (or any two sets of multiples) and lay them facedown, like you would for memory. Assign each player a multiple. Players then take turns flipping over one card at a time, searching for their set. If a player finds one of their cards, then they keep searching until they find one that belongs in their opponents set. The first player to find all of their cards is declared the winner.

Multiples of 5: Write the multiples on popsicles sticks. Have the students press them in order into playdough. (Inspired by Chalk Talk.)

Multiples of 4 and 6: Create a Venn Diagram with the multiples of four and six.

Multiples of 7: Play a simplified version of paper football!

Give each player three tries to score by flicking the football into the end zone. If a student succeeds in getting the football into the marked off rectangle, then they score seven points. If they do not succeed, then mark 0 points for that possession and move to the next player.

Chefs = Chiefs. My daughter is not the first to make the Chefs mistake. Great googly-moogly.

Multiples of 7: Have your students cover all of the numbers on a hundred chart BUT the multiples of seven. (Download a chart for free at Currclick.)

Multiples of 8: Tape the multiples to the floor and have your students hop their way through them. Use card stock and tape each corner!

Multiples of 9: Create a ladder of the multiples using strips of paper.

Multiples of 9: Teach your students the finger trick!

Multiples of 10: Use dimes to teach the multiples of 10. Take it a step further and ask questions like: "How many dimes do you need to get a dollar?" or "How many dimes do you need to buy a $0.70 toy?"

Multiples of 10: With finger paint, have your students stamp out the multiples of 10.

Multiples of 8 and 11: Write out the multiples of 8 and 11(or any two sets of multiples) on squares of paper. Then put the squares into a bag and assign each player a set of multiples to be searching for. Have the players take turns drawing out one number at a time. If a player draws one of their multiples, they keep the number, if they do not, they put the number back. Players pass the bag back and forth until someone finds all of their multiples.

Multiples of 7 and 12: Place the multiples of seven and twelve (or any two sets of multiples) face down, like you would for memory. Assign each player a set of multiples to search for. Players then take turns flipping cards over one at a time in search of the first number in their set. Once they have found it, they move on to search for the second number in their set and so on. The first person to find all of their numbers, in order, is the winner.

Online Games

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