Sunday, August 17, 2014

Assumption 2014

I've always enjoyed the Solemnity of the Assumption. The event itself must have been so peaceful. I've always imagined Mother Mary, surrounded by those who love her Son, laying peacefully in her bed and then, much to everyones wonder, rising into heaven. What an incredibly joyous celebration must have followed there. There might have been balloons, but I can't say for sure. 

A ballon launch for Mary's Assumption. More on that later.
I decided that it was about time for Baby Peanut to get more involved in liturgical events, seeing as she is 9 months and has been slacking in this department with her lack of fine motor skills. So we made her a cloud to play with for the Assumption.

It was love at first squish.

Later in the kitchen we made more clouds for the Assumption party were headed to that evening. Ours aren't nearly as pretty as the ones at Catholic Cuisine, but they were made with 8 year old love!

I also snuck in a favorite tradition of incorporating fruit and herbs on this Solemnity because it's a traditional day for blessing your fruit and herb harvest. Having no homegrown fruit or herbs to claim as my own, I bought raspberry lemonade and threw some mint into it.

That evening we headed to some friends' house for an Assumption party! I am extremely thankful for our liturgical nerd friends. Without them our children would know we are odd. (Thank you to 39 week pregnant Sarah for hosting! I can't wait to light my birth blessing candle for you!)

The pentacle of the party was the Assumption balloon launch, which reminded us of Mary's rising into heaven.

At first there were oohs and ahhs as they watched the balloons drift off.

Then there were tears from the little ones when they realized that their balloons weren't coming back.

I imagine it was the same way for Jesus' disciples. They probably marveled at Mary being assumed and then cried tears as they realized that their time with her on earth had come to and end.

Be saints, it's worth it!


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